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I find it hard not to find everyone beautiful.
I mean,
I love the way boys look with their hair all messed up early in the morning,
Sleepy smiles stretching across shell-pink lips.
I love the way boys look with crinkled noses, wrinkled brows,
Mouths quirked to the side while they try to figure everything out.
I love boys who have to reinvent the lightbulb to answer a simple question,
I love boys who know the names of constellations and boys who put way too many sprinkles on their ice cream and boys who have learned there are no such thing as too many sprinkles and boys who still give their moms kisses on the cheek and boys who like little kids and boys who like the smell of rain and boys who still sleep with a nightlight and boys who have the hearts of lions and boys who have the voices of mice.
I really, really love boys.
But the thing is,
I also love girls who smell like green apples or coconut or cotton candy.
I love girls whose hair blows in the wind behind them when they take off running.
I love girls with glossy lips and soft skin and sweet smiles and silky locks.
I love girls who are a little bit clumsy, who wear road rash on the heels of their hands and bumps and bruises on their knees like constant accessories.
I love girls who flail around at rock concerts, girls who dance like nobody’s watching in the middle of the street.
I love girls who are afraid of spiders and girls who aren’t afraid of much of anything and girls who are never without a pack of spearmint gum and girls who aren’t afraid to cry and girls who always have mismatched socks and girls who have sloppy handwriting and girls who could eat their body weight in chocolate cake and girls who love the ocean and girls who don’t know how to cook and girls who wear nothing but blue jeans and girls who wear a dress and heels every day because they know the importance of feeling like a goddamn queen.
I really, really love girls.
And yet,
I find myself loving people who are both, neither, or fall somewhere in between.
I fall in love with sparkling eyes, with silvery laughter.
I fall in love with souls that have weathered storms,
With voices like thunder and kisses like lightning.
I fall in love with bad singing voices, with eclectic music taste, with long conversations past midnight.
I fall in love with anyone and everyone.
I fall in love with people.

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No idea what this is from, but it’s true and I love it.

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